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Provider Delivered Care Management

Provider Delivered Care Management (PDCM) builds upon the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) in transforming care delivery, enabling providers to deliver coordinated team-based care.

Collaborative Care Model

Collaborative Care is a cost-effective, evidence-based integrated behavioral health care model. The provider, behavioral health care manager, and psychiatric consultant function as a team, using a shared care plan, to meet the needs of patients with mild to moderate behavioral health concerns.

External Trainings

MICMT has created a process for Physician Organizations (POs) to submit for review and possible approval of PO reimbursement and/or assignment of care team member learning credits for training opportunities in addition to the core courses. 

Advancing Team-Based Care

MICMT is the coordinating center for the BCBSM Provider Delivered Care Management (PDCM) program. Our mission is to work with Physician Organizations (POs) across Michigan to expand the team-based care model to positively impact performance on clinical outcomes measures.

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