The Ambulatory Care Enrichment Program (ACE) will prepare pharmacists to deliver high-quality patient care in an outpatient clinical environment.

Pharmacist is assiting a patient with medication

The advance care planning (ACP) Facilitator is an emerging role in healthcare. ACP Facilitators are instrumental in helping individuals, their families, and their loved ones become more engaged in person-centered decision making.

Elderly patient speaking to providers in an exam room at a clinic.

Opportunities are available through MiCHWA, National Community Health Worker Training Center, Everyday Live Consulting, and Practice Transformation Institute.

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MiCHWA provides the CHW training and curriculum that is used to certify the CHW workforce in Michigan. MiCHWA also provides access to a CHW registry, continuing education, resources, and other workforce development opportunities.

Community Health Worker/Promotor(a) and Community Health Worker Instructor certification courses are both centered on the 8 core competencies defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Formal training and certification to enhance frontline public health workers who make an immediate and positive impact in their communities. 

Practice Transformation Institute is offering an upcoming Community Health Worker (CHW) program. For more information regarding the details and requirements of the program, please see this video: 

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For additional information, contact Yang Yang.

During this highly interactive, multi-session training series, the learner will advance their skills in Motivational Interviewing. This course will provide learners with the experiences necessary to acquire valuable skills of translating knowledge into practice. 

This training meets the 2023 MICMT Scorecard requirement as an advanced patient engagement training. 

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